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What Do Urban Training PT Offer?

Tailored Services With Guaranteed Results

  • 1-2-1 Personal Training 

  • Couples Personal Training

  • Group Training 

  • Online Personal Training

  • Tailored Exercise Programming

  • Tailored Nutrition Programming 

  • Specialist Nutrition Referral

  • Specialist Psychologist Referral

  • Specialist Sports Therapy Referral

Our 3 Pillars 

Physical Health

Through our pre consultation and consultation phase we help to design a healthy fitness lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable and can help you to progress towards your fitness goals!

Mental Health

The link between your mental health and physical health is so strong! We fully understand that to get the most out of your body and get the results we want, we need to take care of your mind.


Your nutrition is a big key to helping you see results related to your physical health and to help you get the most out of your mental health. We help you to realise how you can use food to feed your body and your mind. 

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Winners of 'Personal Trainer Of The Year' 

National Fitness Awards 2017