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Personal Training

Throughout our years of experience working with 100's of clients, we recognise that everyone we work with requires a bespoke programme to help them reach their goals. Many people come to us as we specialise in fat loss, but we also work with people who want lean muscle gain or have a sport specific goal. The one thing they have in common is they all require their own unique approach. Check out our Client Testimonial Page! to see some of our clients’ amazing results!

All of our clients have a dedicated Personal Trainer providing support 24/7. Our coaches help you to create a dynamic and sustainable environment where you can focus on just one thing - reaching your goals! We achieve this using a 5-phase system to give you results you never thought possible! 

Our Process

Phase 1

Pre Consultation/Consultation


In Phase 1 our potential client is required to complete a health and lifestyle questionnaire before we meet for the 1-2-1 consultation. This allows us to gather a wealth of information such as current training and nutrition routine, and what your mental state is going into your transformation. This gives us a very good idea of how we will approach your transformation and highlights areas to discuss further in the 1-2-1 consultation.

Phase 2

Analysis Phase

We now analyse all the data gathered in phase 1 to create our client matrix. This is where we assess your strengths/weaknesses and take these into consideration to ensure your plan is progressive, sustainable and enjoyable. Any potential barriers will be identified and we will work to overcome them, giving you the best chance of a successful transformation. 

Phase 3

Programme Creation


This is where we get to the nitty gritty of your programming. All of our 1-2-1 clients will receive a tailored exercise programme and nutritional guidelines to complement the time spent with their coach. Exercise programmes will include sessions to be completed with your coach, the sessions you complete yourself, and also a weekly routine guideline to keep you on track. 

As a result of our analysis phase, your programme will be sustainable and will suit your work/life balance. This is fundamental to the success of your transformation as the best programme in the world will not get you results if you can only follow it 20% of the time. Consistency is key!

We will talk you through your entire programme totally free of charge over a coffee (on us!) to make sure that you fully understand how and why the programme has been structured. It is vital for us that you understand how to perform the exercises included in your programme and this meeting is also the perfect opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.

Phase 4

This is where it all comes together! We currently coach out of two facilities in Birmingham City Centre and Wolverhampton. In Birmingham we work in the award winning MSC Performance Strength & Conditioning Gym based just outside of the Jewellery Quarter. In Wolverhampton we are based in Pure Gym Wolverhampton South, a fantastic commercial facility that contains over 220 pieces of gym equipment, free onsite parking, free classes and much more!

Through a combination of intensity, hard work, and enjoyment, we can guarantee results. Urban Training have a fantastic record of achieving clients’ fat loss goals if these factors are in place. We believe in creating an environment in which you progress not just in your training, but also grow as an individual. We have seen several clients improve their social and professional lives as a direct result of exercise helping them to develop more confidence and higher self-esteem.

These are some of the key reasons we are an award-winning transformation company. 

1-2-1 Sessions

Phase 5

Reanalysis & Progression 


For us this is a very important phase of your entire journey. All too often people will experience huge progress during the first 4-6 weeks of their plan but then plateau in the following 8-12 months. This is the whole reason why we have this phase and why our clients do so well by avoiding this trap. 

We constantly re-evaluate all elements of your previous training programme and approach to nutrition and plan how we are going to progress this further. We will also assess your state of mind towards the programme. This phase occurs every 4-6 weeks throughout your entire journey with us allowing us to keep you on track and progressing towards your goals.